Storage Help Is On The Way

I’m loaded up heading to look at my options today. I’m ready to solve all my storage issues, make the wife happy, and be able to have company over again. I’m ready to come home from work fire up the grill and enjoy the pool and not be so depressed with visual reminders that I need to get the stuff cleaned out. So, let’s go on this adventure together.

The 1st Stop
I stop at the first place I find and they had a decent looking little shed. I listened to the sales guy pitch why they are better and why I should buy from them. He continues to tell me they are the cheapest company in the area and I will be really happy. I asked how long they had been in business, and how big of a company they were. He said they had only been in business for about 2 years and we’re just getting started. I’m all about helping the local companies out and staying local with my shopping, but I am also concerned about who is going to help me in a few years if I have warranty work that needs to be done. This company also was run by a bunch of young guys which made me consider the future even more with my purchase. I got the written quote and I left. 

The 2nd Stop
I drove on up the road a little bit and found another company. A trashy looking lot, buildings kind of sitting everywhere, didn’t look too professional. I got out made my way to a few sheds and was met by their sales guy. He began to pitch me on why they were the best, and why I should do business with them. He told me they were one of the cheaper ones too and he would give me a discount if I bought it today. He tried a bunch of high-pressure tactics and just kind of pushed me away. I quickly knew I wasn’t doing business with them. So let us get back on the road and find the next place. 

The 3rd Stop
I stopped at one of these self-storage places on the side of the road. Nice little place good security around it, so why not see what we can do. I go in talk to the leasing agent, she shows me a couple of units and the price on them. I then started thinking, If I get a storage unit I have to haul everything into town to store it. That will take longer and is an inconvenience. So now every time I need something I have to go to town. I’m also paying on something that will never be mine, so I am wasting money. My wife likes this idea because I can sign up and start moving everything today. I like to work smarter not harder, so I don’t want to move everything to a unit and then have to come back to town and get it the next time I need it. 

I now have some thinking to do and maybe a little more shopping. I know a garage sale is out of the equation and so is donating stuff to goodwill. So I’m stuck with finding a place to put this stuff. I’m through shopping for the day as I have a few other things to go take care of before I’m really in the dog house. Stay tuned for my decision and see which route the wife and I decide on. 

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