Purchasing My Shed

So I fill out my information online and begin looking at what they have. This place had a live chat option and I started chatting with one of their online sales reps. She began asking questions like, “What will you be using it for? Where would it be going? Do you have a size in mind? Do you want any windows?” She continued accessing what I needed and was looking for. I was super impressed with the professionalism and how she answered my questions. She even sent pictures and videos of the building we started discussing.

I arrive and find a nice sales location with several businesses in the same big building. I get out and find the online rep I was talking to. She shows me the buildings, still asking questions and being very nice. She takes me to a couple of sheds and goes into details. She told me everyone claims they are the best and other companies out there like to bash their competitors but, that everyone builds a decent building and everyone does a few things differently. So I asked what they did differently than the others. She began to explain about not notching the skids and using a moisture barrier underneath the floor, caulking the nail holes and siding joints, and that their buildings come with a free metal roof and also come standard with the radiant barrier roof decking. Now we’re talking! I’m getting all this stuff as standard features in a nice building.

We found a building I like then went inside to get my price quote put together. I can get all the features I want in my shed, I can get free delivery and set-up, and it complements my home and landscaping nicely. She then proceeds to ask if I need a few other options like a workbench or shelving. I added some 24’ shelving to the quote. We get it all put together and she has the best warranty out of them all. They are statewide and then some. I’m now even more excited about my new shed!

I received the quote on my shed and was very surprised. I knew at this point I was buying a Leland’s shed. I was getting a lot of bang for the buck. Was it the cheapest? Absolutely not. Was it the most expensive? Far from it! They were more expensive than several that I’d shopped. I also got a better warranty and higher quality shed for just a little more money.  Benjamin Franklin once said, “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.” This is so true even today. Price shouldn’t be everything when shopping. A few hundred more is the difference in replacing your shed in a year or two versus one that lasts a lifetime.

I got my shed ordered, windows placed where I want them, colors picked out and confirmed my blocking option. I’m excited to start using it once it’s delivered! I can finally get my garage cleaned out which will make both my wife and me happy. No paying for storage units and gas to drive back and forth to them. No garage sales and having to go through that stress. I’ll simply organize things into my new shed and trash what I don’t need.

Stay tuned for pictures and updates. I can’t wait to show you!

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