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It’s that time of year again when everyone starts planning and preparing for spring and summer. Yard projects are in the planning stage and extra hours are being worked for those summer vacations. Your garage is overtaken. You’re embarrassed by it to the point no one is allowed to see it. You feel as though friends and neighbors would judge you and treat you differently if they saw how full and unorganized you really are. Your spouse nags you daily to get it cleaned up. She’s unhappy because she can’t park in it. She can’t open the garage door and let the kids play in there to run off energy during this cold and rainy time of year. You’ve gained weight and let yourself go because you can’t reach the workout set anymore. It’s almost time to get ready for pool season and grilling outside, and you aren’t ready to host company. You’re screaming on the inside for someone to help and are tired and ready to just be done with this. Does any of this ring a bell? 

When was the last time you and your friends threw darts in your garage? Or the last time you and your better half worked on a project in the garage, building that little bed for your little prince or princess? How about the last time your prince or princess got to ride their scooter in the garage? Or they got to use chalk and draw on the floor to keep them occupied while Mom worked inside the house?

Everyone goes through this at one point or another in their life. Don’t beat yourself up, unless you keep putting it off again. Everyone moves and has to clean out and organize the garage. Everyone has extra “stuff” they don’t want to part with so they move it to a new corner. It’s time to deal with it. Time to release that stress and get back to feeling good about life and yourself. 

So many options for what to do with your stuff, so many choices, so many styles, so many different prices. You could have a garage sale or donate everything to Goodwill. After all, you haven’t used that stuff in months. But, you don’t want to get rid of Grandpa’s cabinet or part ways with Uncle Jack’s belongings. You want to use the freezer, but you can’t get to it right now because of all this stuff. Now you’re frustrated and retreat back to the couch because a garage sale and donations are out of the picture. There’s got to be a better way!

Let’s load up and take a quick trip to some of these shed places along a lot of highways in Texas. Stay tuned for how you can fix your storage problem and how a shed expert can help.

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