How to Create an Outdoor Workspace Using a Shed.

Did you know that 1 in 4 Americans are working from home in 2021?

There was already a transition to more remote working before 2020, but when the pandemic hit work environments had to change. A lot of offices have actually found the switch to be better for them, helping improve employee wellbeing and increase efficiency, both of which are definite positives!

If you’re working from home, you’ll know how important it is that you have a designated workspace. But, where are you going to suddenly find a spare room for an office? That’s where your shed comes in.

Find out how to turn your shed into an outdoor workspace with our guide.

Why Turn a Shed into an Outdoor Workspace?
Turning your shed into a home office has tons of great benefits! If you don’t have the space in your home, it’s an easy answer and should give you a decent space to set up your new workspace. Even if your shed needs a lot of work, or you have to buy a new one, it’s still better than moving house to get more space!

A backyard office shed gives you a quiet, peaceful room to work in. You’re away from the home and from all the activity going on in it, and it makes it clearer that this is work time now (which is important if you have little ones!). No more barging into your room or kids crying when you’re on a business call; peace, at last.

Getting out of your home and having a designated workspace will be great for your focus, too. Working in the same environment as you live and relax in is incredibly difficult, and you can find distractions cropping up constantly throughout the day. It can also be tricky to separate home life from work life when it all happens in the same space, but a home office shed makes that simple.

When you’re in your home office, it’s work time. When you’re inside your house, it’s relaxation and family time. Trust us, it’ll make a huge difference to your mindset!

Why Choose a Shed as Your Workspace?
A lot of people already have sheds in their garden that aren’t really being used. If that’s you, then this is a great way to repurpose the space and turn it into something useful!

There are also costs to consider. If you already have a shed, doing it up doesn’t have to be expensive at all – especially if you’re good at DIY or know someone who is! Even if you don’t have a shed, a new one doesn’t have to cost much at all, and you can even have them custom-made to suit your work purposes.

If you’re convinced, it’s time to start looking at different backyard office ideas and how you can make your own.

Invest in the Right Shed
First things first, if you’re buying a shed make sure to invest in the right one. By choosing a high-quality shed now, you’ll save yourself a lot of time later in DIY work! There are a couple of things to look out for when buying your home office shed.

The two most important are windows and floors. Finding a shed that comes with both, like our Garden Shed, is going to speed up your refurbishment a lot and make for a much more pleasant space to be in. A beautiful wooden floor and bright, natural light is the first step to creating a welcoming space to work from!

It’s also important to consider the size of your space. If it’s just you and a laptop, you probably won’t need a huge shed to work in (although it’s always nice!), but if you’re going to have a lot of equipment or have other people over for business meetings or collaborative work, size is going to be very important. Make sure you know what you’ll need before you buy anything.

Set Up Electricity
You might not think it now, but electricity in your shed office is definitely essential! It’s going to be much easier to charge your laptop, your phone, and use any other appliances you might need. It’s also important for lighting, which you’re going to need if you work late – or even if you don’t when winter comes.

Our sheds at Leland’s can come with electrical packages if you choose them, including lights and plug sockets. To wire everything up, though, you should use an electrician to make sure everything’s safe and meets regulations.

Insulate Your Shed
Depending on where you live, insulating a shed is usually a must! Even in warmer climates, insulation is a great way to help your A/C cool down your space, creating a much more pleasant room to work from.

The simplest way to insulate your shed is by covering your inner walls with an insulating material, like fiberglass wool or bubble wrap (you heard right, it’s a great insulator when you’re on a tight budget!). Either staple or tack the insulation to your walls, making sure there are no gaps. Once it’s insulated, cover the walls with MDF boarding for a neat, cozy finish.

Add a Lick of Paint
If you’re looking for shed office ideas that will instantly lift your space and transform it from a shed to an office, add paint! It will instantly make it feel more homely and, once inside, you’ll start to forget you’re not in a fully-fledged office.

As sheds are often small, we’d recommend sticking to light colors that’ll help open up your space rather than making it feel smaller. A clean, bright white is often a great background to work with and can help you feel clear and focused. You could also have a feature wall in a bright, bold color to liven things up!

Kit it Out
Next on your to-do list should be kitting your new outdoor workspace out with all the essentials. Find a desk (something slim rather than bulky if you have a smaller space) and a comfortable chair, as well as anything else that you might need, like a shelving unit or drawers. Focus on only the essentials and things that will help you stay focused and productive in your new space.

Decor Ideas
When it comes to backyard office ideas, we’ve got plenty of ways you can liven up your space and make it super nice to be in! The first is plants. Adding a plant to your desk or on a shelf not only looks great but can also improve your productivity and increase cognitive function, which is great if you plan on getting tons of work done.

Adding art to your walls is another way to quickly add personality. Pop up some framed prints using no-nail strips for a quick and easy DIY project. Choose art that’s motivating, bright, and makes you feel happy!

If your bare floors are making the space look a bit too much like a shed, why not add a rug? It’ll be much warmer on your feet, too, especially in winter! A doormat is another essential to stop your space from becoming muddy as you trek between your office and your home.

If your work requires a lot of organization and schedules, adding a whiteboard or noticeboard to your walls is a brilliant idea. You’ll be reminded every day of what you have to do and can easily see your workweek laid out before you. No more forgetting deadlines!

Set Up a Meeting Space
For some people, having a meeting space or somewhere to work on collaborative projects is essential. Luckily, you can make your outdoor home office work as a great meeting spot as long as you have the space.

Set up an area in your shed with a sofa or a couple of comfortable chairs. Add a rug, a small coffee table, and some cushions to make the space inviting. You could also buy a coffee machine for your new home office so that you don’t have to walk back to the home every time someone wants a cup!

These little things can really transform your shed into a functioning, practical space that you also love to work in.

Start Your Project
Making sure you have someone pleasant to work with is absolutely vital. Most of us spend a lot of our day at work, and having somewhere comfortable to be in can make all the difference between a happy day and a stressful one!

If you’re looking for a high-quality shed that you can turn into an amazing home outdoor workspace, be sure to check out our range at Leland’s. If you have any questions for our team, feel free to get in touch – we’re always happy to help!

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