What the She-Shed? 

We have all heard the term but what exactly is a She-shed? And what has made them so popular recently? A she-shed is simply the competitor to the man-cave. In a society where women are working more and more while simultaneously raising families. Women are D-I-Ying their way to a space of their own. 

Originating in repurposed old garden sheds, a she-shed is a space for her to call her own. Whether they are looking for a place to get work done in peace, a little nook to do their favorite hobby or just a spot to relax in peace. This backyard oasis is a must-have for modern women. 

Why a shed?

These structures became popular to build out of sheds because of ease and low cost. Typically it was a structure where they stored everything they didn’t need anymore.  Stuff that could be donated once the kiddos grew out of their old roller skates and stopped playing with their big wheel. 

Now she-sheds are being built out of all types of backyard structures like greenhouses, garages and restored campers. But of course we still love the thought of having them in their namesake: SHEDS! 

Why Build a She-Shed with Leland’s?

You work hard taking care of your family and making sure everyone is always happy. It is your turn! You cannot fill up everyone else’s love tank if yours is empty. With a Leland’s Barn or Shed you will get the best-built backyard structures in the industry. All of the following features come standard in our defender series:

-8” heavy-duty hinges

-¾” BC grade plywood floor 

-Radiant barrier roof

-Moisture barrier in the flooring

-LP smart siding with a 50 year warranty

-Hurricane clips 

-10-year warranty

What all of this really means is when you build out your space exactly how you’d like it is going to stay that way!

What makes them custom? 

The customizable element is why our sheds are so perfect for a she-shed. Maybe you want a porch for rocking like on our Cabinette. Or possibly a dormer light to let all the natural sun flow into your space which is an option on our Chalet Shed. You get to choose what style and where you put your windows and doors. You also get to choose up to 3 different paint colors from a wide array of options to make it really pop.

Let’s Design Your She-Shed Today

Take a look at all the different styles we have to offer and give our team of designers a call. They will help you make sure you are getting into the best structure for what you plan to use it for. They will also send you a mock up 3D design of your building with images of all of your customizations. 

Call our team now 817-768-5199 and get a quote same-day. We also have traditional bank financing and rent-to-own options available! 

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