New Year, New Me!

The 2020 quarantine had more people than ever working out from home, and a lot of us have a newfound love for this convenience. But now all of your gear is in your living room, garage, or just sitting outside in your yard. You need a dedicated space to get your sweat on, and what better than a custom-made Shred Shed! We supply the shed to your specific needs, with reinforced flooring, the option to insulate your shed, and the ability to add in electricity and a cutout for an air-conditioning unit.

Here are some tips on how to finish out your new shed to get the most out of your newfound space. Have a plan for your home gym.

First, you need to figure out what your space and equipment needs are. Are you going to be doing Olympic lifting, mostly bodyweight and free weight exercises, or do you plan on following someone else’s CrossFit programming? Need a hot yoga studio or just a private space to jog and stretch? Will you want a stationary bike or rowing machine? All of these things take up space so it is very important to know what you will be doing in your space before creating a floorplan.

Having a plan for what type of exercise is best for you, gives you a much better idea of what equipment you need. If you have cost limitations it is smart to have a long-term plan for your floorplan. Maybe you don’t have the budget for a treadmill and squat rack right now but eventually, you will want to add them in. It is important to factor this into your square footage when you have your shed built.

Also, be aware of your climate and environment as well. If you have major temperature swings where you live, it is essential that you have an insulated environment and possibly a heater / cooling unit. You never want to have an excuse of not wanting to use your gym because it is too hot, cold, or wet outside. The whole point of building a shred shed is to have the convenience and ease to help you eliminate excuses.

Figure out your budget

The average commercial gym costs $58 per month. Of course, $10 gyms exist but anyone who is passionate about working out knows that these don’t cut it long term. Then if you are going to any type of CrossFit gym, yoga studio, or personal training this cost per month is going to be significantly higher. This cost is also in perpetuity, and will never go away as long as you continue using their service. Also if you have to travel to and from the gym, pay for any type of parking and sit in traffic these are all factors that can help you justify a home gym budget. 

If you are considering building your own home gym you need to consider the current costs you incur going away. While your home gym maybe a significant cost up front, depending on your plans, this is a cost that you will get to pay off. This is also something huge to consider if you are thinking about doing any type of personal training or small fitness business at your new facility. 

Shop around on Facebook marketplace and craigslist for home gym equipment

Just as many of us fell in love with working out at home, there are just as many people who need the routine of going to a gym location. This means that a lot of people are selling the gently used equipment they bought mid-pandemic last year at an awesome discount. This is the ultimate place to find rowers, treadmills, and Airdyne bike’s at an extreme discount. There are some things that you are going to want to buy new of course, but this is a great resource to get you started on a budget.

Barbell on the floor in gym

This is an especially great resource for the things that you don’t mind being a little older or more beat up. Like bumper plates, dumbbells, sleds, and rubber flooring. Reserve your funds for brand new things that are most important to you and will keep you consistent in your new gym space.



Save up a buy everything at once for your home gym

One of the great things about building your own home gym is that you are the primary user so you can do everything at your own pace. It might be best for you to buy everything piece by piece and wait to get everything you want on sale or on Facebook marketplace. 

If you are planning on ordering equipment online it might be smart to purchase everything in a bundle or all at once. Not only do most places offer some type of deal if you purchase in bulk you will definitely save on shipping. The cost to ship large and heavy items can be astronomical, but if you are able to order everything at once you can save a lot of money by having everything come in one shipment. 

Rogue Fitness makes all of its products in the US and offers excellent bundle options and bulk pricing on shipping. They even offer free shipping on a lot of their bundles.

Collapsible equipment and space-saving organization

Gym background with clipboard mockup notepad and Fitness equipment for personal training

Foldable squat racks are the ultimate luxury when it comes to saving space. They are definitely not the cheapest option, but if you are looking for something to maximize your square footage they are no doubt the way to go. There are also tons of options out there for foldable stationary bikes and treadmills. This can be an excellent option if you are trying to keep your space as compact as possible.


Instead of buying gym-specific rubber flooring buy horse stall mats

They are significantly cheaper and of higher quality than your traditional home gym mats. If you think about a horse that weighs a couple thousand pounds stomping all over them every day for years, it can definitely hold up to you dropping a few hundred pounds on it. They also have a great grip on them and are built to be nonslip for much larger animals than you. 

I don’t do pullups, I don’t need a pullup bar!

Even if you cannot or do not do pullups regularly it is still an awesome piece of equipment that can help you save space in your in shred shed. If you are a TRX or resistance band fanatic it is a great option for suspending this type of equipment. 

If you do any type of weightlifting you are probably looking into a squat rack. Purchasing a squat rack that has a pullup bar included is a great way to give you a multitude of options besides just squats and pullups. This is another key measurement you will need to know when planning your space. If you plan on purchasing a rack with a pullup bar you need to consider how tall you are, how much headspace you will need to get your head above the bar, and then ensure your shred shed is going to be tall enough for you to utilize this equipment. 

 Why is a Leland’s shed the perfect spot for my new home gym?

Not all sheds are created equal and we are fully aware of that. That is why it is our mission to create the highest quality buildings that are still attractive to look at. The last thing you want is to sink all of your money into your new shred shed and have it be an eyesore in your backyard. Our defender series of sheds fits the bill on quality and durability, the flooring is built on 16 inch centers, and our Chalet or Lofted Barn will give you the height you need to do any overhead movements. We also provide moisture barrier flooring and LP smart siding standard on the defender series to help keep all of your gear protected from the elements.

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