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Are you shopping for a storage building with affordable payment options? If so, rent to own may be the perfect choice for you. At Leland’s, we offer a wide range of rent-to-own products, including storage sheds, finished sheds, storage barns, wood garages, and playhouses. You can rent from our range of products, and if you’re happy with your purchase, you simply make the agreed number of installment payments, and the building is yours!

What is rent to own

What is a rent to own program?

Rent to own (RTO) is an affordable payment option with no credit check! All rent to own contracts are divided into monthly payments, which are figured into the price of the building. You only pay a deposit when applicable and the initial payment, then we deliver the building!

As with any contract where you pay for something over time, the total cost is higher than the cash price. The extra charges are not finance charges. Since this is a rental contract, rental fees are assessed. We do not charge penalties if you wish to pay off the contract early. In fact, we will give you a discount on the contract amount!

what is the rent to own process

How does the rent to own process work?

Rent to own sheds are a great way to get your very own storage shed without having to come up with the cash to buy your shed outright. You can have an attractive, high-quality portable building delivered in 3 simple steps!

  1. You choose a building that you would like to purchase.

  2. Fill out an application, make a deposit on your building and sign your rental agreement.

  3. We deliver your building.

Rent to own versus Financing

RTO is a rental program, not a loan, so NO credit is required. You are simply renting the rental property on a month-by-month basis. The RTO contract may be canceled at any time. Simply call and request that the rental property be picked up from your location.

Upon completion of the rental contract, either by taking advantage of the early payoff option or by completing all of the monthly rental payments, the rental property is yours!

How is rent-to-own different from financing?

When you get a rent-to-own (we will refer to RTO from here on) building versus a financed one, the customer has no obligation to continue making the payments if he/she gets in a financial bind later on. So if you get an RTO building from Leland’s and 6 months later you realize you are over-leveraged, you can simply call in and have your building picked up, and your payments stop.

If you quit at any time, this does NOT hurt your credit (financing DOES NOT work this way). If you call in to cancel your rental and later you need another building, you can order another one, and for being upfront on your first one, you will not even hurt your credit/relationship with Leland’s.

what is the interest rate?

What is the interest rate/finance charge?

There is no interest rate or finance charge. However, since this is a rental contract, rental fees are charged. The total contract amount may be figured by multiplying the monthly payment amount by the contract term.

The contract terms are easy to understand, and the cost of renting is low. There’s no interest rate or finance charge, but since this agreement does include rental fees, they will be applied as part of the monthly payment amount.

can I lower my monthly payments

Can I pay some money down to make my payments lower?

Since this is a rental contract and not financing, paying money down and financing the rest is not possible. As a rental, the payments are figured on the full value of the building. Making a larger payment up front is the same as paying the rent in advance because we will apply it to future months’ rent.

We recommend that you make only the required first month’s payment and a security deposit, then make your payments each month while saving enough to pay off the contract in full to receive the Early Pay Off Discount.

Early Pay Off benefits

Early Pay Off (EPO) is offered as a promotion for customers who want to save money by paying off their contracts early. At any time during the contract, you may pay off the contract in full and receive this discount. EPO ranges from 40% to 60% of the remaining unused portion of the contract.

The unused portion is time that has not transpired. Back rent is not discounted. If you make a payment larger than your regular monthly payment but not equal to the Early Pay Off amount, the payment will be applied as advance rental payments only.

Can I rent more than one storage shed?

Yes, you may have up to 3 rent to own items per household, or $30,000 total, whichever is greater, when you purchase from Leland’s Sheds. Units at the same address are considered one household.

can I return my shed

Can I return a rent to own shed without hurting my credit?

Most certainly. Flexibility is one of the greatest features of the rent-to-own program. If you no longer need your rent to own shed and are paid up through the month you return the item, no extra charges will apply, and your account will remain in good standing. The best part of all – it does not damage your credit!

Does Leland’s do Rent-to-own for on-site builds?

No. Sometimes customers say, “I know company x offers to finance on-site builds.” Financing options and Rent to own are not apples for apples comparisons.

rent to own program details

Rent to own program details

No. Sometimes customers say, “I know company x offers to finance on-site builds.” Financing and RTO are not apples for apples.


An RTO contract is considered by law to be an executory contract. Should the contract become a financial burden, you have the option to be relieved of the contract by returning the item, and no further charges will be incurred. Under United States Bankruptcy Law § 365, should you file bankruptcy, you have the option at that time to assume or reject the contract. You should consult legal advice for complete information and provide a copy of your Rental Purchase Agreement.

Late Payment:

Due to the month-to-month contract of your Rental Purchase Agreement, all payments are due on the date (either the 1st or the 15th) that you have selected. If your payment is late, it may be subject to a late charge of up to $10.00. See your contract for details. Pay close attention to your due date and pay on time to avoid having your building picked up. If your account is past due, the rental company may pick up the building during normal daylight hours.

first payment default

First Payment Default:

State law provides you, the consumer, with a grace period depending on the state. After the specified number of calendar days of the month have passed, by the terms of the Rental Purchase Agreement, the contract has expired, and we may attempt to pick up the building. If the rental company is unable to contact you and resolve the account, your building will be subject to pickup.

To avoid this, we suggest setting your account up for automatic payment. It is also important to provide us with current contact information so we may contact you if necessary. Should your building be picked up due to non-payment, you will have 14 days from the date of pickup to reclaim any belongings left inside or 7 days to reinstate the contract by paying all back rent and other fees due, plus a re-delivery fee. The rental company is not responsible for any items left in the building at the time of pickup.


Your rented building may not be moved without express permission from the rental company, and you must pay all fees associated with moving the building.


Any improvements added to the building shall remain with the building if it is ever returned with no credit given to you.

Payment Terms and Eligibility

Payment Terms and Eligibility

Our rental agreements are available in 24 months, 36 months, 48 months, and 60 monthly payments. Credit checks are not required, and your credit score is not used to determine eligibility. The application process is a simple application, and approval is usually quick and easy.

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