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What the She-Shed? 

We have all heard the term but what exactly is a She-shed? And what has made them so popular recently? A she-shed is simply the competitor to the man-cave. In a society where women are working more and more while simultaneously raising families. Women are D-I-Ying their way to a space of their own.  Originating …

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New Year, New Me!

The 2020 quarantine had more people than ever working out from home, and a lot of us have a newfound love for this convenience. But now all of your gear is in your living room, garage, or just sitting outside in your yard. You need a dedicated space to get your sweat on, and what …

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Need Some Help?

It’s that time of year again when everyone starts planning and preparing for spring and summer. Yard projects are in the planning stage and extra hours are being worked for those summer vacations. Your garage is overtaken. You’re embarrassed by it to the point no one is allowed to see it. You feel as though …

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Purchasing My Shed

So I fill out my information online and begin looking at what they have. This place had a live chat option and I started chatting with one of their online sales reps. She began asking questions like, “What will you be using it for? Where would it be going? Do you have a size in …

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