4 steps to tidy your wooden storage shed

Spring has sprung and if you are as excited as we are you are ready to get outside and work on making your space ready for summer fun. If you are planning on purchasing a wooden storage shed or already own one, here are some great tips to give your structure a yearly spruce up.

Get everything out of your wooden storage shed

It is key to get as much of your stuff out of the way as possible, especially larger items like lawn mowers and work benches. This is a great project to start on a nice sunny day so you don’t have to worry about bad weather. Once you get your wooden storage shed cleared give it a good sweep and scrub

Sort your shed out

While your wooden storage shed is clear this is the perfect time to plan out where everything will go. Take a visual inventory of what you have and place your shelving in places that will optimize the space you have. Organize your things into categories

like gardening equipment, lawn tools, holiday storage, etc. Take this opportunity to donate items to your local charity. A good rule is that if you haven’t used it in 3 years it is time to go!

Time to Refill

Sorting everything out is the frustrating part, but now that you are over that you get to put your plan into action. As you put everything back, consider when and how you will be using the things you are storing. For example holiday decorations can be put towards the back or on a top shelf because they only need to be accessed once a year. However, your tool box you use

weekly and sometimes daily so make sure you place it in an accessible location. Our lofted barn or having us add shelving can help with giving you vertical storage.

Make Your Wooden Storage Shed Sparkle!

Now you just spent your day making your storage shed sparkle on the inside, why not plan an exterior project as well? It is

the perfect time to give your shed a fresh coat of paint, or even a mural! Or add a lean-to off the back and create an outdoor living area!

Your wooden storage shed is about to look great all summer long! If you don’t own a Leland’s custom shed yet, give us a call and let’s get your custom shed started today.

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