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Need living space? Leland's offers a full line of Cabins and customizable living spaces to meet your need. Contact us today for a FREE factory tour. 

These Cabins are great for: Primary Living Spaces, Resort Cabins, Hunting Cabins, Ranch Cabins, Second Homes and more. Lelands also offers a full line of Man Camps for the oil fields. 

Portable Storage Barns | Metal Prefab Barns | Cheap Payments Outdoor Wooden Playhouses for Kids | Cheap Payments

  • David O'Connell

    Good morning Steven, I took delivery of my new shed on Friday, and I could not be happier!  It is everything I’d hoped it would be, and is a great addition to my back yard.  Here is a picture of it being put into place:   Read More
  • Cade Luck Ranch

    We have 10 cabins with laundry rooms and full kitchens. What we liked about the Lelands Lodges is that they have a full kitchen which is a big amenity here. We are kind of...      Read More
  • Mr. & Mrs. Uptergrove

    "Diane went above and beyond in answering every question we had! She even drove all the way to Grandview to show us first hand the excellent craftsmanship the builders of...             Read More
  • All Tucked Inn

    We have nightly, weekly, and monthly guests. The guests comment on the front porches and how they make them feel at home.   Lelands designed my cabins so we...  Read More
  • Macon & Karen McDonald

    Hollie did a great job, and was very pleasant to work with. Every single time we had a question she was very quick to respond.    When we did the walk through and final inspection she met us at...     Read More
  • Gary & Stacy Moseley

    Everything with Leland's was just awesome from day one. Every little thing we needed fixed which wasn't much (like one of the sewer pipes breaking on delivery) was done immediately. We own two homes and...      Read More
  • Hottest Shed's in Texas!

    Cliff Tinder, from Texas here, I specialize in private label hot sauces and...                         Read More
  • Hello, I'm Mr. Billie Mathis

    Hello, I'm Mr. Billie Mathis, I just  wanted to let you'll at Leland's know that... Read More
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Why Leland's Leland's Delivery Oil Field Man Camps

 Metal Carports 

Did you know LP Smartside© used by LELANDS has been proven by NASA to be more resistant to impact than other siding products! 


At Leland’s, it’s more than just about storage barns or sheds. It’s about organizing and protecting your stuff. It’s about your backyard and your homestead. It’s about what you dream of accomplishing. It’s about you.


Lelands Sheds & Barns | Catalogue Online / Dallas ShedsAt Leland’s, we care about quality.  When you store something in one of our storage barns or sheds, you’re not storing it in a cheap prefab barn whose shingles will blow off in the next big storm. We build our barns and sheds to last.

Our metal barns and traditional wooden barn sheds are carefully constructed using only top-notch durable materials. A Leland’s shed will serve you for years—we guarantee it. Each prefab barn or shed, metal barn, or shed built on-site comes with a Five-Year Limited Warranty.


At Leland’s, we care about selection.  Want a barn/shed as big as a small house? We can do that!

Want a small metal prefab barn? We can do that!

Want a traditional wooden barn with a certain look to complement your backyard? We can do that!

Want us to come to you and build a shed or storage barn from the ground up on your site? We can do that!

A shed for your mower, a barn for a workshop, a storage barn for extra stuff—choose from our wide selection of shed styles, colors, and types to fit your space and your goals.


At Leland’s, we care about value. If you want a nice shed but can’t afford the biggest barn for sale, no worries. Our smaller sheds are built to the same highest level of quality. At Leland’s, a lower price tag doesn’t mean lower quality or care. You can also take advantage of our rent-to-own option. When you deal with Leland’s, you can have your own storage shed in your own yard for a similar price as a mini storage unit. We know that a walk out the back door is better than a drive across town to the mini storage place. Rent-to-own means you can start using your new shed, whether it’s a wooden barn or a metal shed, as soon as you make the required down payment on the contract.

Dallas Sheds 5 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty


At Leland’s, we care about you and your space. Though we’ve been in the shed business in Texas for many years, we’re not out just to sell sheds. We’re out to gain satisfied customers who are happy with their new space. We have thousands of pleased customers across Texas and Oklahoma to prove it! 



Outdoor / Backyard Wooden Decks | Cheap PaymentsNeed a deck? Leland's offers a full line of wood decks customizable for your enjoyment. A well crafted deck adds beauty and living space to your home. Invite your friends over for a grilling party on the deck. 

 Decks can be customized to fit the area and application you are looking for. You can add underskirting (closing in the area from the floor to the ground) or add a roof to match your home. 


We accept all Major Credit Cards | Cheap Payments - Online Store